End user agreement

End user agreement...

This document is the end user license agreement between Odissey and you. By downloading a model the user automatically agree to this document in all of its parts and will be responsible for the use of the model. This end user license is personal and can not be transferred to other people or entity.

The user can make a copy personal use for building replacement parts or personal copy of the model. Every other unauthorized use of the copy is illegal and not allowed by copyright law and can be punished. It is forbidden to distribute every file of the model without permission of Odissey. It is allowed to print/copy files of the model for personal use. Every other unauthorized use of the files/prints is illegal and not allowed by copyright law and can be punished.

All the material of the model is protected by international copyright laws. The user can modify the original model for personal use only. The user can not copy, sell, rent, share, or share through the network the models in their formats.

Odissey is the only owner or the copyrights on the models, ideas shown, pictures and photos, texts and trademarks except where specified.

In the case of the user do not respect this license agreement, ODISSEY can take legal action.

ODISSEY provides the material as is, granting the quality of the product. ODISSEY won't be responsible for improper use of all the material and assembly instructions.

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