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After several years I have taken over the design of ODISSEY Paper models, thanks to your many emails I realized how much you have appreciated my models, so I decided to continue to design them. I gave a symbolic price of one euro each model in order to sustain the costs of this project. Thanks again to you all!

1) ODISSEY - Paper Models.

ODISSEY is an Italian computer graphics artists team. It works mostly on 3d virtual reality and photorealistic graphics. The 3d CG technics developed by ODISSEY made possible to transform a photorealistic virtual model into a real one, which is a perfect copy of the virtual one. These technics allowed the direct link between fantasy and reality, not just for a hobby but also in Industrial design. ODISSEY Paper Models is a collection of 3d models assembly kit where the paper is the only material you will use to build this model.

2) How to have them.

You just click on buy and go on. That's it!

3) Payment.

We decided to give a value to our models, even if of one euro, payable through PAYPAL. We think that this hobby should be free for everyone needs it but, we must sustain maintaining costs, and sometimes we stop our production for a long time. One euro each model will give us the help to sustain hosting cost and will reward us for our work, giving us the strength to go on with new models for you.  Thank you.

4) Guarantee. By downloading a model agree the [end user license] with which the user and ODISSEY respect the mentioned terms. ODISSEY guarantees the quality of their models, the assembly procedure, and the immediate download delivery.

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